About us

About Eltayser company:

The company was founded in 2009. The ministry of tourism license is category (A) number: 1889. The company offers local and global tourism services, besides the religious tourism (Hajj , Umrah) as we have the required experience in tourism field that makes us qualified to help our clients and to organize their trips all over the world.

The company offers the opportunity   to visit the scenic and historic areas inside Egypt with the ability to reserve hotels, Nile cruise and transportations for individuals and groups.

The ministry of tourism license is category (A) number: 1889.

Eltayser Tours is one of the oldest companies working in the field of Hajj and Umrah as we have improved our performance thorough the last years in favor of our customers and now, we have the ability to satisfy our customers by paying attention to every possible detail to make our client feel how special he is, besides we make the arrangements for our clients to save their time to perform the main purpose of their trip which is worshipping Allah in quiet and pleasant atmosphere and to make his/her visit to the Holy Land “Mecca” unforgettable memory.

We have many abilities and a special staff who reside in Saudi Arabia during the Umrah season just to serve Kaaba visitors, in addition to our conscious administration that is very careful about offering the best service with suitable range of prices seeking to win Allah’s satisfaction through serving his visitors in the best way to perform their rituals.

Our services:

  • We can help you to get any visa to anywhere in the world for Egyptians.
  • We can reserve flight tickets through all international airlines.
  • We can organize for Honeymoon journeys.
  • We offer our customers the opportunity to determine the places and the countries they desire to visit through our service “design your journey”.
  • We can organize Umrah journeys along the year in addition to Hajj journeys.
  • We have experienced customer service staff that is qualified enough to help our customers organize their journeys.

Our website’s objects:

All the objects are about refresh the Egyptian tourism through providing the best offers of the tourist services in general.

  • The accuracy of the transportation’s contractings responsibility.
  • Continuity in the field of tourism with developing and improving the service’s performance.
  • We provide our services 24 hours a day except Friday.
  • According to the status of Eltaysertour’s among the other tourist websites, we offer discounts to our customers who usually require our services online through our website.